Join us in Welcoming Antoine de Villiers to Kobo Gallery

Antoine de Villiers is originally from Potchefstroom, a small town in the northern part of South Africa. She started studying Graphic Communications, but, becoming frustrated with the topic, hopped on a plane to backpack across Europe and the United Kingdom. She found her way to the US and earned her Web Design Diploma from Boston Business College.

Throughout her travels, Antoine has studied Marble Sculpting in Colorado and Yoga in Georgia; Photography and Reiki in Delhi India; Indian Art, Visual Art, and Modern Art through Oxford Continued Education.

While in India, Antoine taught women and children of India's underworld-- from the brothels of Old Delhi to Maharashtra's slums. The Road not Taken is a Mini Documentary about Antoine's time in India.

Today Antoine lives with her husband and two boys in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

She is a veteran of over 70 exhibitions across the globe including England, India, South Africa and the US.

Her work has received numerous awards including best figurative artist by the Richmond Art Museum, Indiana (USA). Best Solo Artist by Eric Smith at the New York Art Expo and first place in Figurative Painting by Pamela Jean Tinnen from Artrepreneur.

Antoine’s originals can be found in public and private collections around the globe.

Nude VIII Antoine de Villiers
Nude VIII - Antoine de Villiers

For most of her artistic career, Antoine has focused on developing her figurative body of work, she has dabbled in abstract painting in the background. She admits that this work was mostly done in secret and served as a much-needed emotional release. It wasn't until the Pandemic hit and this body of work exploded that she considered showing it to the world.

"As we are in the beginning of a new year I’m also at the beginning of a new series. While optimistic about a new direction I found some driftwood in my studio and was intrigued by the shapes, contrasts, and textures.

I’ve been meditating on nature’s ability to heal and overcome obstacles - certainly qualities we need in this unusual time. I thought about seeing how nature reclaim the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia and the tree root bridges we walked in Meghalaya. Where villages used mother nature to connect them to each other."

"I do not think of my figures as nude but rather as vulnerable and I view the courage to be vulnerable as strength. I see their nudity as the purest and honest way to portray an emotion/ moment/thought."