Kobo Gallery is an award winning contemporary art gallery, located in the heart of Savannah's Historic District just off Ellis Square. Since 2007, Kobo has celebrated the collaborative efforts of many of Savannah's finest and most prominent artists. Current Kobo artist members include Nancy Boyd (jeweler), Angela Burson (painter/mixed media), Joy Dunigan (photographer/graphic designer), Doris Grieder (fibers/mixedmedia), Susana Guerrero (jeweler), Mary Hartman (painter/mixed media), David Kaminsky (photographer), Mark Wilhelm and Abby Quirk-Royal of Pragmatic Pottery (pottery/ceramics), Dana Richardson (painter/mixed media), Daniel E. Smith (painter), Dicky Stone (sculptor), and Gillian Karatassos of Gillian Trask Jewelry (jeweler). Learn more at kobogallery.com