Marta McWhorter is rejoining Kobo Gallery after leaving four years ago to focus on new creative endeavors in woodworking and cabinetry. She has maintained her fine art practice over the past few years and is ready to exhibit again! This time around she will be showing a mix of fine art as well as usable wares from her woodshop!

As an artist, I am focused on material exploration and found objects. I have a fascination with the “made” world, the tools and toys of our daily lives, and the often-overlooked items discarded or ignored around us. This has always manifested itself in my fine art works through the subjects that I draw and paint, or in the materials I use to express my ideas throughout the creative process. As I have taught myself the art of cabinet making over the past few years, I have often thought about “the hand of the maker” and what exactly that can tell someone as they experience our art.
It is a beautiful notion to think about the connection our patrons can have to us through our works, by way of the evidence of our process left behind during the making of a piece.
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