Daniel E. Smith Stages at J. Costello Gallery

Daniel E. Smith will be showcasing his abstract and architectural work including paintings from most of his 25 years of making art in Savannah GA. This show, “Stages”, will be from May 11th to June 15th at J. Costello Gallery in Hilton Head Island South Carolina. All work will be for sale. 

My paintings take a visual experience, pay attention to my emotional response, and use each created piece to translate and share that process. I hope others respond and experience a moment of participation in that creative process.

Gestural pallet knife lines represent for me the movement of the hand and eye through the visual plane similar to sculpting but with color and line.

“Labyrinth 5” - Daniel E. Smith

Color is a play of emotions. Colors do not impose emotional responses but serve as a trigger for the viewer. Through layering and juxtaposition one can ask for a complicated, nuanced response but cannot predict what direction that reaction will take for any particular viewer and that is why it is interesting! We don’t want to be told what to feel but to be allowed to feel.

My technique evolves constantly as a response to material, intention, and accident. This began when one of my painting instructors took away all of my brushes and handed me a piece of cardboard and said to paint only with that until the end of his class. An artist can be too practiced and lose insight and creativity. A work can be so polished that it does not inspire investigation or allow for imagination.

“Structures 3” - By Daniel E. Smith

I have done two things in this show. I was moved to get out a series of images I originally painted for a show in 2008. That show never happened but two of the series are in the Telfair museum’s permanent collection and I thought they deserved a viewing in the current crisis. I also brought out some relevant images from earlier that reference Russia and China as experiences apart from political ideas. The second was to create new works that explore some of my earlier ideas. This was inspired by moving my studio three times in the last two years and seeing some of that earlier work again through more experienced eyes.

I hope that you find the work both enjoyable and thoughtful.

- Daniel E. Smith