An Invincible Spring Forecasted for Kobo Gallery


After what has been a long Winter season, Kobo Gallery looks forward to an Invincible Spring—a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and perseverance. We begin this season with Valentine’s, a day that celebrates the love and relationships we share with others. No matter the challenges and hurdles the world puts before us, we triumph and emerge stronger and with more appreciation for our community. To celebrate this season, we invite you to come browse the offerings of twelve incredible Kobo Gallery artist as they, themselves, celebrate this season of artistic rebirth. 



If you would like to stick to the traditional gift this Valentines Day, a special selection of handcrafted Jewelry will be available for purchase at the Kobo Gallery and online. With multiple jewelers’ work on display, you will undoubtedly find a piece to make that special person feel even more loved and appreciated; something we could all use reminding of. Looking to explore a new mode of gift-giving? We also have sculptors, ceramicists, fiber artist, and a broad selection of two-dimensional work—paintings, limited edition photographs, and mixed media—on display. Begin your Invincible Spring with a piece of art from the Kobo Gallery that you will cherish for many springs to come.

Dicky and Dana working on the Kobo Gallery window